Monday 25 March 2019 

 Hidden from History
With Jane Duffus, we will be celebrating women whose names have fallen through the cracks of history and discussing why it's so important to put women's stories back in. Jane will be sharing stories of the many remarkable women revealed in her recently published The Women Who Built Bristol, a bursting compendium of brilliant women, from pin makers to police chiefs, from workhouse inmates to lord mayors, who helped to shape Bristol into the vibrant city it is today. 
Jane Duffus qualified as a journalist in 2001 and has worked as a journalist and editor for countless best-selling national magazines. After moving from London to Bristol, Jane set up the award-winning What The Frock! Comedy Project in 2012 to challenge an industry that knowingly overlooks female talent. The Women Who Built Bristol is her third book.     
7.30pm for 8.00pm to 9.30pm. 
Tickets, £5, are available from the Bookshop and include a complimentary glass of wine. Tickets may be reserved but must be paid for prior to the event.
Clevedon Community Bookshop Co-operative  27-29 Copse Road, Clevedon, BS21 7QN 01275 218318

Celebrating Portishead Open Air Pool 

Celebrating Portishead Open Air Pool, a fully illustrated history written by John Birkinshaw of Portishead Pool Community Trust, will be published on Friday 16 November by Clevedon Community Press, the Publishing Press of Clevedon Community Bookshop Co-operative. Its retail price is £9.95.


This third publication from Clevedon Community Press charts the history of the open air pool from when the suggestion that it should be built was first mooted in 1924 through to its opening by Portishead Urban District Council in 1962, and onto the present day. Fully illustrated in both black & white and colour, Celebrating Portishead Open Air Pool includes many anecdotes and memories from people involved in building the Pool and in its subsequent life, as well as information and extracts from official records such as council minutes. In 2008, after several years of poor attendances and general decline, the Pool was in danger that it might close and be demolished.


A local campaign STOP (save the open air pool) led to the establishment of Portishead Pool Community Trust and today, ten years later, Celebrating Portishead Open Air Pool marks the success of the Pool, this year attracting a record of more than 53,000 visitors. This well researched publication will be of considerable interest to residents of North Somerset, visitors to the area and, more widely, to local historians and those involved in the increasingly popular world of lidos and open air swimming.


Clevedon Community Bookshop Co-operative and Portishead Pool Community Trust, two ‘not-for-profit’ local organizations, have worked together in publishing Celebrating Portishead Open Air Pool, thus contributing to documenting our rich history in North Somerset. 

Welcome to Clevedon Community Bookshop. This an exciting community enterprise in Clevedon. For 14 years a small second-hand bookshop existed in Copse Road, Clevedon. The new shop is the original shop plus the one next door, enabling us to double the area. We bought 7,000 books to sell in the newly refurbished shop and started trading on the 31 December 2011.

The shop is now owned and run by people in the Clevedon area and by others committed to our objectives. We receive and sell good donated second-hand books, we also sell some new books. Our range of other items for sale include cards, gift vouchers, book-markers and cloth bags.
Other activities are hosted in the shop such as; literary events, story reading for children, creative writing courses, poetry reading sessions.

Window Display for February 2019 Isaac Newton

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