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Clevedon Community Bookshop is set up and run as a Community

Co-operative. You can buy a minimum of 10 shares at £1 each. These shares will:

  • make you a member of the Bookshop
  • provide working capital for trading
  • give you an equal vote regardless of the size of your shareholding.

Your involvement thereafter, as a customer and/or volunteer in the shop or by helping to shape the business, is as much or as little as you wish.


TO JOIN:  just read and complete one of the forms below, either individual or organisation, whichever is appropriate. Also there is a nominee form to complete if you wish (person you would leave your shares to). Then:

  • If you are local, or visiting the bookshop, drop the form/s in with the money (cash or cheque) to cover your share purchase, or there is a card machine at the shop if this is your preferred method of payment.
  • Or send the forms in the post to the address on the form (also available in Contact Us) with a cheque made out to 'Clevedon Community Bookshop Co-operative Ltd' 

Following receipt of the form/s etc you will be contacted by our Membership Administrator.

Individual Membership Application.pdf
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Organisations Membership Application.pdf
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Share nominee form.pdf
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Revised Rules Explanatory Guide.pdf
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