Volunteer Stories: The Out-Of-Town Donor

By Karyn Boniface, Bookseller

“Where do you get all your books from?” is a question that customers ask us booksellers a lot. The answer – “Donations from our wonderful, generous, book-loving customers” – is one that, back in the days when our bookshop was just an idea, we never dreamed of giving. And rather than drying up over time, donations are starting to arrive from even further afield.

Just the other day a lady called the shop to ask what our Monday opening hours were. So far, so normal. “10am until 4pm, every day of the week”, was my reply. Her response was lovely, surprising, and more than a little humbling. She had stumbled upon our shop while on holiday, and on returning home decided that she wanted to help. So, despite living in a far-off county, she was going out of her way en route to a meeting to donate some books to us.

Thank you. To both our anonymous out-of-town donor, and to all of the many other people whose donations keep us stocked with books of such fantastic quality. Your generosity helps to keep our shop running, and getting to chat with you all plays a big part in making the role of volunteer bookseller such a great experience.

Look out for more guest blog posts from our marvelous volunteers. For information about volunteer opportunities at Clevedon Community Bookshop, click here.

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